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Nanchang: What To Do And Where To Shop

Last summer, I visited the capital city of Jiangxi Province, Nanchang. It is a popular revolutionary based in China. The city is commended as the place rising with red army flags. Situated at Yangtze River bank, the place is a well-known cultural and historical city. What’s interesting is that you will find four lakes inside this city, North, South, East, and West Lake.

The popular tourist attractions of the city include Poyang Lake, Teng Wang Pavilion, Mount Jinggangshan, and Mount Lushan.

Traveling tips

  • The best time to visit the city is in autumn or spring. During this time, the city has a pleasant offer.
  • The mountains are damper and colder than the city. Hence, make sure that you pack extra clothes. In case you are traveling in the rainy season carry umbrella or raincoats.
  • Put on sun protection and skid-proof shoes while climbing the mountains.


  • The primary shopping streets of Nanchang are Zhongshan Road, Minde Road, Fuzhou Road, Bayi Avenue, Xiangshan Road, and Shengli Road. Apart from these, there are some popular shopping streets like Lady Street and Wanshou Palace Street that sells the inexpensive product.
  • You will find three famous local products like Poyang Lake Whitebait, Nanchang Porcelain Portrait, and Jiangxi Paper Fan.

Popular food items

  • Spicy hotchpotch is a type of snack. The dish over the oven with soup stock on a large pot. It contains all types of vegetables and meat. After it has been cooked, it is put on a plate and you can add seasoning as per your personal taste.
  • Rice noodles are pretty popular in Nanchang. The raw material for the noodles is high-quality rice. It is made into fried noodles, braised noodles, or boiled noodles with seasonings like soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, and some chili powder.
  • The famous food street in Nanchang where you will find many restaurants offering different types of food at different prices.


Sao Luis: Look No Further Than This Place For Your Vacation

Situated in the northeast of Brazil, São Luís is the capital of the State of Maranhão that serves a perfect den for historical locations bearing the Dutch, French, and Portuguese and Indigenous legacies. The best place to visit while you are in the city is Teatro Arthur Azevedo, the second oldest theatre in Brazil, which is proclaimed as one of the most beautiful and the best theatres of the world demonstrating a fine mixture of great construction with architecture.

We visited the beautiful church maintained in the historic center of the city, Se Church is a popular tourist attraction in the city. There is a museum next door, which explains the religious history of the city. Another place to visit in the city is Palacio dos Leoes which is currently the home to the governor but most part of it is open for tourist and about a half an hour guide that explains it. From the palace, We caught a wonderful view of São Marcos Bay can be seen and during sunsets, some artists come to play enchanting music and enhance the beauty of the place.

The city serves as a board for historical museums and churches.  A good historical place to visit in the city Palacio Daniel de La Touche is quite a majestic place that is well maintained and provides lots of information about the city’s history. Another mention must be made of Museu Historico e Artistico do Maranhao which was built in the ancient time’s owners till laws of the city acquired it and turned it into a museum.

Apart from museums, historical places, and churches, we can also go for recreational visits to Parque Ecológico da Lagoa da Jansen (Jansen Lagoon Ecological Park) or São Marcos beach. It is recommended that one stays for at least 1 week while visiting this place.