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Greater Sudbury: Explore The Wealth Of Culture

Greater Sudbury is the largest city of Northern Ontario. The diversity of culture in this city truly surprised me. The city is popular for its outdoor activities, music, and arts. It is a true gem for tourists. The local people made me feel at home with their hospitality. There is so much to do and see in this city. Here is my list of a few great things to do when you are in Great Sudbury.

  • Check out the Giant Nickel

To visit great Sudbury and not to visit this landmark would have been a mistake. This is a representation of the Canadian nickel from 1952. You will find this on the museum of Dynamic Earth Science’s ground. After you are done checking out the nickel, visit the museum to learn about the mining history of Canada. Take your kids to the exhibits where they will be able to learn mining, look at diamonds, and climb the mineral wall.

  • Stroll around the park

There are many parks that you visit and spend some relaxing time when you are in Great Sudbury. Bell Park is most frequented by the visitors and locals alike. It houses an amphitheater, flowerbed, and a playground for children.  There are sculptures that display the mining history of the city.

  • Visit some museums

Do you want to know about the history of the area? Visit the 4 heritage museums. 3 of these museums are inside heritage buildings while the 4th one is in the library. These are Anderson Farm Museum, Copper Cliff Museum, Flour Mill Museum, and Rayside-Balfour Museum.

  • Click photos on the tallest chimney

Visit the tallest chimney of the country and clicks some pictures. Inco Superstack is a free-standing chimney. It is the tallest one of its type in the planet. I clicked photos with my kids to make our visit memorable.