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Nanchang: What To Do And Where To Shop

Last summer, I visited the capital city of Jiangxi Province, Nanchang. It is a popular revolutionary based in China. The city is commended as the place rising with red army flags. Situated at Yangtze River bank, the place is a well-known cultural and historical city. What’s interesting is that you will find four lakes inside this city, North, South, East, and West Lake.

The popular tourist attractions of the city include Poyang Lake, Teng Wang Pavilion, Mount Jinggangshan, and Mount Lushan.

Traveling tips

  • The best time to visit the city is in autumn or spring. During this time, the city has a pleasant offer.
  • The mountains are damper and colder than the city. Hence, make sure that you pack extra clothes. In case you are traveling in the rainy season carry umbrella or raincoats.
  • Put on sun protection and skid-proof shoes while climbing the mountains.


  • The primary shopping streets of Nanchang are Zhongshan Road, Minde Road, Fuzhou Road, Bayi Avenue, Xiangshan Road, and Shengli Road. Apart from these, there are some popular shopping streets like Lady Street and Wanshou Palace Street that sells the inexpensive product.
  • You will find three famous local products like Poyang Lake Whitebait, Nanchang Porcelain Portrait, and Jiangxi Paper Fan.

Popular food items

  • Spicy hotchpotch is a type of snack. The dish over the oven with soup stock on a large pot. It contains all types of vegetables and meat. After it has been cooked, it is put on a plate and you can add seasoning as per your personal taste.
  • Rice noodles are pretty popular in Nanchang. The raw material for the noodles is high-quality rice. It is made into fried noodles, braised noodles, or boiled noodles with seasonings like soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, and some chili powder.
  • The famous food street in Nanchang where you will find many restaurants offering different types of food at different prices.


Sao Luis: Look No Further Than This Place For Your Vacation

Situated in the northeast of Brazil, São Luís is the capital of the State of Maranhão that serves a perfect den for historical locations bearing the Dutch, French, and Portuguese and Indigenous legacies. The best place to visit while you are in the city is Teatro Arthur Azevedo, the second oldest theatre in Brazil, which is proclaimed as one of the most beautiful and the best theatres of the world demonstrating a fine mixture of great construction with architecture.

We visited the beautiful church maintained in the historic center of the city, Se Church is a popular tourist attraction in the city. There is a museum next door, which explains the religious history of the city. Another place to visit in the city is Palacio dos Leoes which is currently the home to the governor but most part of it is open for tourist and about a half an hour guide that explains it. From the palace, We caught a wonderful view of São Marcos Bay can be seen and during sunsets, some artists come to play enchanting music and enhance the beauty of the place.

The city serves as a board for historical museums and churches.  A good historical place to visit in the city Palacio Daniel de La Touche is quite a majestic place that is well maintained and provides lots of information about the city’s history. Another mention must be made of Museu Historico e Artistico do Maranhao which was built in the ancient time’s owners till laws of the city acquired it and turned it into a museum.

Apart from museums, historical places, and churches, we can also go for recreational visits to Parque Ecológico da Lagoa da Jansen (Jansen Lagoon Ecological Park) or São Marcos beach. It is recommended that one stays for at least 1 week while visiting this place.

Macau – A Multicultural Heritage City

Macau is a special administrative region in China that enjoys the status of an autonomous city. Located on the Pearl River, the city is known for its multicultural ethnicity. The historic center of the city has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Popularly known as the “Las Vegas of Asia”, the city features some of the best entertainment venues, resorts, and casinos in the continent. We had a great time in Macau and would definitely recommend the place to anyone planning to visit China.  Mentioned below are the best sites to visit if you are in Macau.


  • Ruins of St. Paul’s


Located in Santo Antonio, the Ruins of St. Paul’s is one of the most-visited sites in Macau. It is a place of historic importance and the ruins have received the status of a World Heritage Site in the year 2005. The 17th-century cathedral was built by a Portuguese ruler and was ruined by a fire in 1835. The ruins mainly constitute a beautiful facade that has detailed carvings based on Oriental themes.


  • Macau Giant Panda Pavilion


If you enjoy wildlife destinations, you should not miss out on the Giant Panda Pavilion in Macau. The place houses a beautiful park where pandas roam around freely. The entry fee for each member is around 1.10 Euro. The pandas are well cared for and they entertain the visitors with their playful demeanor. It is a great place to visit if you are traveling with family and children.


  • Historic Centre of Macau


The Historic center is a collection of sites that are divided into two Zones. The Zone 1 covers several religious monuments like A-Ma Temple, Moorish Barracks, Holy House of Mercy, and Ruins of St Paul’s. The streets, old buildings, and architecture preserve the bonding of Chinese ethnicity with Portuguese culture that prevailed in the city for several centuries. The entire location along with its important historical structures is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lamego: Catch The Best Of Portugal Culture In This Place

If you are looking to be present in the midst of the valley, surrounding the farms and vineyards then this is the place you need to visit while on the holiday to Portugal. Lamego may be less commonly known for the country’s people as well, but this is a spot which has seen a surge in tourists with every year. Be it the church or in general, the style of the architecture here, this place is sure to mesmerize you.

Let us look at some of the best places to visit in Lamego:


  • Museu De Lamego


This amazing palace is studded with a lot of paintings, jewel collections, furniture and collections of historians from over the years and these belong to multiple eras. They speak of the history of the place and more generally, the history of the country. The museum has been open for 80 years, and the collection has only increased ever since. Also to mention, this is one of the most sought-after museums in the country.


  • Lamego Cathedral


This monument was built more than 900 years ago and since then has stood the test of time through multiple refinements. Once I entered this place, I experienced the best of the gothic architecture and the majesticity of each element that makes up the building is sure to engage you throughout the time you spend here. You are sure to enter into a completely different period of time.


  • Lamego Castle


If you want to explore another monument, this must be the one. By going to this monument, you would enter the era of war between the Moors and the Christians. Make sure to do some reading before going to the monuments so that you can experience them better.

I would suggest going to this place for at least a week.

Guarda – A Serene Holiday Destination

Guarda is a historic city in Portugal that lies at an altitude of 1,056 meters and forms a part of Serra da Estrela mountain range. The geographic location of the city makes it an ideal place for sightseeing. However, the historic side of the city has acquired more importance over the years. Here you would find lots of old streets, medieval ruins, old chapels, and imperial monuments. Listed below are the highlights of my weekend stay in Guarda.

  • Cathedral of Guarda

Locally known as Se-Catedral da Guarda, the old Catholic church is the most visited religious site in the city. Even though I have seen many historic cathedrals, none can be compared with the one I found here. The construction of the church spanned over a period of more than 2 centuries and was completed in the 16th century. The beautiful structure of the cathedral is a tribute to the excellence of Manueline and Gothic architecture. The interiors look more stunning with spiraling columns and high windows.

  • Parque Urbano Do Rio Diz

The park is one of the best recreation centers in Guarda. The parkland is quite big and offers large playgrounds and picnic spots for the visitors. The green landscapes with beautiful gardens and well-kept pathways are ideal for a long stroll. There are a small lake and lots of playground equipment for entertaining the kids. The place also houses 2 restaurants that serve great food.

  • Guarda Castle Ruins

One of the most-visited sightseeing destinations in the city is a hilltop tower that belonged to a castle or perhaps a fortress. The trail to the hilltop is quite beautiful and there are steps that take you to the castle tower. The views from the hilltop are quite stunning and you can see the entire city of Guarda from here. The rocky terrain near the tower and the lush green landscape serve as a great location for photography.

Funchal The City Of Fun And Challenges

When I was in Funchal, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here, and then I thought I should share my experience with everyone so that every travel lover comes to the city to enjoy its beauty. It is a fun place and has many attractions. Here are the places that I liked most in the city.

The city has many things for everyone. If you are an adventure lover, there are ample outdoor activities present here, if you are a nature lover, an abundant amount of natural beauty is present here to explore, if you love museums and historical places, you too have lots and lots of exciting options. I started my journey visiting the most popular spot in the Funchal Monte Cable Car.

Though I have been in the cable car earlier as well, the view I captured here was beyond excellent. The cable car was safe and it was fun to be on it with other people. This is a must try thing I recommend.

The second top attraction in Funchal is Pico do Arieiro. Climb the top of the mountain enjoying tracking and then have a panoramic view of the city. Trust me when you will be on the top, you would forget all the pain you took to reach here.

Universo de Memorias Joao Carlos Abreu is another wonderful spot in Funchal that you should never miss. This was fantastic and I can come to the place everything I visit Funchal. There is a wonderful collection of paintings, stuff, and art from all the corner of the world.  The magnificent tea house completes the visit to this place. It is extraordinary.

The list of other spots that I find interesting and recommend all of you to visit are caravel art center, Igreja do Colegio Sao Joao Evangelista.

Porto The City Of Dreamers – Visit It Once

We planned a two-day family vacation in Porto and we are sharing here what we like the most about the city. If you have long plans, then you can enjoy these places, visiting one every day. But, if you are also on a short vacation, then take help from our experience and enjoy the place the way we did.

On our first day in the city, we did nothing except looking at the wonderful architect of the city. It is not only fantastic but dreamy. Trust me; I haven’t seen such beautiful architect in life before. The presence of Douro River alongside the city gives many spectacular views to the tourists that are hard to forget.

Start at train station São Bento, exclusively to take in its exceptional interior. The inside walls are lined with tiles of blue and white color that depicts the scenes of past matches and history of transportation. Then walk up to Liberty Square, past the beautiful facades of the surrounding buildings, and head up from Rua das Carmelitas to Igreja do Carmo. It is another example of a fantastic tiled facade. Then you reach the Bombarda district around Miguel Bombarda Street and see some really cool street art, vintage shops, and cafes and galleries.

If you are a book lover or even not, visit the most visited bookshop in the world, Livraria Lello. Personally, I find this bookshop made just for the people like me. The JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was written in Porto and the book has the influence of the place and this bookstore in it.

Now that, you have visited the whole city, it is the time to savor some food. Porto is famous for wine, wine shops, and Francesinha, the meat-laden sandwich. Don’t leave the city without tasting both.