Chefchaouen – The City That Creates

Image result for chefchaouen city moroccoThis is the most picturesque city around the whole of Morocco. The town is precisely famous for its blue colored washed down streets. Narrow streets filled with all tones of blue, what better place do you need for your social media captivity pictures. The city in 2017 was naked as the most Instagrammed city around the world. Visitors come from far away to just visit the streets in here, it is awe-inspiring beautiful. The kind of creativity you get to experience in this city is nowhere to be found that easy. Since the time of its creation, the city has developed so much in its architecture and economic status, it is commendable. Here are the must visit places according to me.

The Souk

One of the best things that you can do coming to this city is visiting the souk here, it is the most famous market around the city, and many tourists are here just so they could experience the souk. The souk is most famous for providing you with ancient shoes. The kind of shoes that you find here are impeccable and nowhere else to be found. Apart from that, you can find spices that are used in the ancient traditional cuisines prepared around Morocco. But you must stay away from any forbidden experience which is very common in the souk curtained as cheap labeled bag sellers.

Rif Mountains

Reaching the top of this mountain, you find the very best panoramic view of the whole city. The mountains are greenest I have ever seen. They are almost 6500 feet above the ground level and give you a major adrenaline rush. You can go for the hiking trails in the day time, it is hectic so pack all those snacks and drinks you can, and if you want to get more adventurous, go for the night bonfires held by guided tours and love the ambiance by listening to some spooky stories.