Guarda – A Serene Holiday Destination

Guarda is a historic city in Portugal that lies at an altitude of 1,056 meters and forms a part of Serra da Estrela mountain range. The geographic location of the city makes it an ideal place for sightseeing. However, the historic side of the city has acquired more importance over the years. Here you would find lots of old streets, medieval ruins, old chapels, and imperial monuments. Listed below are the highlights of my weekend stay in Guarda.

  • Cathedral of Guarda

Locally known as Se-Catedral da Guarda, the old Catholic church is the most visited religious site in the city. Even though I have seen many historic cathedrals, none can be compared with the one I found here. The construction of the church spanned over a period of more than 2 centuries and was completed in the 16th century. The beautiful structure of the cathedral is a tribute to the excellence of Manueline and Gothic architecture. The interiors look more stunning with spiraling columns and high windows.

  • Parque Urbano Do Rio Diz

The park is one of the best recreation centers in Guarda. The parkland is quite big and offers large playgrounds and picnic spots for the visitors. The green landscapes with beautiful gardens and well-kept pathways are ideal for a long stroll. There are a small lake and lots of playground equipment for entertaining the kids. The place also houses 2 restaurants that serve great food.

  • Guarda Castle Ruins

One of the most-visited sightseeing destinations in the city is a hilltop tower that belonged to a castle or perhaps a fortress. The trail to the hilltop is quite beautiful and there are steps that take you to the castle tower. The views from the hilltop are quite stunning and you can see the entire city of Guarda from here. The rocky terrain near the tower and the lush green landscape serve as a great location for photography.