Lamego: Catch The Best Of Portugal Culture In This Place

If you are looking to be present in the midst of the valley, surrounding the farms and vineyards then this is the place you need to visit while on the holiday to Portugal. Lamego may be less commonly known for the country’s people as well, but this is a spot which has seen a surge in tourists with every year. Be it the church or in general, the style of the architecture here, this place is sure to mesmerize you.

Let us look at some of the best places to visit in Lamego:


  • Museu De Lamego


This amazing palace is studded with a lot of paintings, jewel collections, furniture and collections of historians from over the years and these belong to multiple eras. They speak of the history of the place and more generally, the history of the country. The museum has been open for 80 years, and the collection has only increased ever since. Also to mention, this is one of the most sought-after museums in the country.


  • Lamego Cathedral


This monument was built more than 900 years ago and since then has stood the test of time through multiple refinements. Once I entered this place, I experienced the best of the gothic architecture and the majesticity of each element that makes up the building is sure to engage you throughout the time you spend here. You are sure to enter into a completely different period of time.


  • Lamego Castle


If you want to explore another monument, this must be the one. By going to this monument, you would enter the era of war between the Moors and the Christians. Make sure to do some reading before going to the monuments so that you can experience them better.

I would suggest going to this place for at least a week.