Montreal: Spend A Fun Weekend At The City


things to do in Montreal QC

 It is home to some of the famous museums and great attractions. Whether you visit with your family or with your partner, this is a great destination for a fun-filled weekend. Here are some of the things that you shouldn’t miss out on when you are in Montreal.

  • Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

I made it a point not to miss out on the primary museums of Canada. No doubt, this is one of the best things that you can do here. This facility is the largest one that you will come across Quebec. It is located in Sherbrooke Street. It houses more than 40,000 pieces varying in medium and style. There are temporary, as well as permanent displays. I came across a concert venue in this museum.

  • Montreal Botanical Garden

This is the most substantial contribution to the horticulture of Montreal. The diverse and expansive collections combined with the comprehensive facility contribute to the reputation it has. You will find an insectarium and planetarium. I found them to be quite educational and interesting.

  • Notre-Dame Basilica

Notre-Dame Basilica is a dramatic architectural feature that you will come across. It is a significant component of the skyline of Montreal. The Basilica has breathtaking interior while the ceiling is rich blue in color. The glass windows of the Basilica depict the religious history of Montreal. You can go to the church as a visitor when mass isn’t going on.

  • Jean-Talon Market

The Jean-Talon Market is a farmer’s market situated in the Little Italy district. When it comes to food, the market is all year round staple. Here, you will find the vendors selling a wide range of produce, ingredients that are local farm fresh and handmade goods. There are spices to freshly cut flowers.