Funchal The City Of Fun And Challenges

When I was in Funchal, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here, and then I thought I should share my experience with everyone so that every travel lover comes to the city to enjoy its beauty. It is a fun place and has many attractions. Here are the places that I liked most in the city.

The city has many things for everyone. If you are an adventure lover, there are ample outdoor activities present here, if you are a nature lover, an abundant amount of natural beauty is present here to explore, if you love museums and historical places, you too have lots and lots of exciting options. I started my journey visiting the most popular spot in the Funchal Monte Cable Car.

Though I have been in the cable car earlier as well, the view I captured here was beyond excellent. The cable car was safe and it was fun to be on it with other people. This is a must try thing I recommend.

The second top attraction in Funchal is Pico do Arieiro. Climb the top of the mountain enjoying tracking and then have a panoramic view of the city. Trust me when you will be on the top, you would forget all the pain you took to reach here.

Universo de Memorias Joao Carlos Abreu is another wonderful spot in Funchal that you should never miss. This was fantastic and I can come to the place everything I visit Funchal. There is a wonderful collection of paintings, stuff, and art from all the corner of the world.  The magnificent tea house completes the visit to this place. It is extraordinary.

The list of other spots that I find interesting and recommend all of you to visit are caravel art center, Igreja do Colegio Sao Joao Evangelista.

Porto The City Of Dreamers – Visit It Once

We planned a two-day family vacation in Porto and we are sharing here what we like the most about the city. If you have long plans, then you can enjoy these places, visiting one every day. But, if you are also on a short vacation, then take help from our experience and enjoy the place the way we did.

On our first day in the city, we did nothing except looking at the wonderful architect of the city. It is not only fantastic but dreamy. Trust me; I haven’t seen such beautiful architect in life before. The presence of Douro River alongside the city gives many spectacular views to the tourists that are hard to forget.

Start at train station São Bento, exclusively to take in its exceptional interior. The inside walls are lined with tiles of blue and white color that depicts the scenes of past matches and history of transportation. Then walk up to Liberty Square, past the beautiful facades of the surrounding buildings, and head up from Rua das Carmelitas to Igreja do Carmo. It is another example of a fantastic tiled facade. Then you reach the Bombarda district around Miguel Bombarda Street and see some really cool street art, vintage shops, and cafes and galleries.

If you are a book lover or even not, visit the most visited bookshop in the world, Livraria Lello. Personally, I find this bookshop made just for the people like me. The JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was written in Porto and the book has the influence of the place and this bookstore in it.

Now that, you have visited the whole city, it is the time to savor some food. Porto is famous for wine, wine shops, and Francesinha, the meat-laden sandwich. Don’t leave the city without tasting both.