San Carlos: Here Is Where The Paradise Lies

San Carlos belongs to the Rio San Juan Department of Nicaragua where the city is commonly known as a transportation hub. The capital city of Rio San Juan is surrounded by water, where the Lake Nicaragua meets the San Juan River and hence even though there are buses or plane to reach the location, the most convenient and popular way is by boat. San Carlos spreads in an area of 1,642 square kilometers but most of the tourist attractions are located close to each other basically in a walking distance and so the tours are typically easy going and simple. I feel like San Carlos can satisfy anyone seeking a relaxing getaway near waterbodies along with splendid views of sunrise and sunset. The city offers the visitors natural, cultural, art and historical elements and also outdoor activities such as boat tours and water sports, and hotels on a budget. Some popular destinations/activities are:

  • Zapote Island
  • San Carlo Fortress
  • Museo Las Musas
  • Indio Maiz Biological Reserve
  • Iglessia de Mancarron
  • Centro Ecologico Los Guatuzos
  • San Carlos Sport Fishing
  • Esperanza Verde Nature Reserve
  • Jose Coronel Urtecho Cultural
  • Carbonero Rosales Artisanal Workshop
  • Kayaking at Rio San Juan

The city which first acted as only a transportation hub got lifted after the establishment or redesigning of Malecon which transformed the place into a live tourist destination. A remarkable feature of the city is that it offers several viewpoints or spots from where one could witness the magnificent lake, its birthplace, islands of Solentiname archipelago, some distant volcanic mountains and splendid sunrises as mentioned earlier. Furthermore, San Carlos hosts fishing tournaments and has active waterfronts, which could be interesting for all the sport fishing enthusiasts and seafood lovers.

Summing up, the place is suitable for anyone looking forward to a relaxing trip near the lake on a budget.